The Interview

Memory and the Holocaust resonate in Sholiton’s play

“The Interview” is at once a powerful documentation of a horrific historical event and one artist’s deeply felt response to it. On both levels, it resonates. The production, under Tom Fulton’s sensitive direction and a top-notch ensemble, takes it even higher.”

Fran Heller – Cleveland Jewish News

Local writer’s powerful play evokes gamut of emotions

“It is one of those moments we who go to the theater live for.”

Tony Brown – The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Pain Of The Survivors: in The Interview, words burn and heal

“There are outstanding performances from two Equity performers – Marji Dodrill as Bracha and Annie Kitral as Ann. Both provide many brilliant moments.”

Marie Andrusewicz – Cleveland Free Times

Memory And The Holocaust Resonate In Women’s Theatre Project Production

“It’s a somber subject but author Faye Sholiton, a Cleveland, Ohio, writer, tackles it with clarity and feeling.”

Ron Levitt – Florida Media News

A CurtainUp Berkshires Review

“It’s not easy to find theaters willing to risk putting on plays about a subject deemed too depressing to translate into a strong box office. And yet, with those able to testify about their Holocaust experiences dying off, there’s a greater urgency than ever to tell their stories.”

Elyse Sommer

V-E Day

V-E Day is tribute to bygone era

“[V-E Day] is a valentine this Christmas season – romantic, sentimental, and a little bit sad. Old fashioned in that it is well-crafted and deals with characters an audience can easily relate to, the play is a history lesson for those born too late to remember the home front during World War II, and a melancholy nostalgia for those who were there. The play’s the thing that triumphs in the end. Faye Sholiton’s craftsmanship and humanity is a throwback to the great American playwrights who plied their trade around the time of the real V-E Day – and she does their legacy proud.”

Les Roberts – The Sun Press

A Cleveland Original Has a Promising Debut

“V-E DAY has assets. Its characters include endearing young people with appealing hopes, ambitions, and feelings. It’s an engaging ensemble performance. Sholiton should be proud.”

Carolyn Jack – The Cleveland Plain Dealer


“V-E DAY (is) a richly mined memory play about love and loss, choices and their consequences…. The poignant drama transcends the particulars of time and place with characters as memorable and universal as they are real…. V-E DAY strikes a universal chord about the dreams of youth, the disappointments of old age, and what happens in between. Viewers of all ages will find a familiar place along the continuum.”

Fran Heller – Cleveland Jewish News

“The interplay between the old and young Evies and Bernies, all four of whom occupy the stage simultaneously at certain points, is intriguing. Adding to the enjoyment, Sholiton crafts both believable and highly amusing dialogue for these characters.”

Christine Howey – Cleveland Scene Magazine