Faye Sholiton

FAYE SHOLITON developed her work in the Cleveland Play House Playwrights’ Unit from 1996-2011 and was a charter member of Dobama Theatre’s Playwrights’ Gym (2009-23). Her full-length works have been read or produced in more than four dozen venues worldwide and have won more than 20 national honors. She is a five-time winner of Individual Excellence Awards from the Ohio Arts Council. Her work has been published by Applause, ArtAge, Meriwether, Smith & Kraus, Speert Publishing and the International Centre for Women Playwrights (ICWP). Prior to writing plays, she was an award-winning journalist for local, regional and national publications. She teaches writers of every description, including high school and college students, community groups and cruise ship guests. Professional affiliations include the Dramatists Guild, which she served as Regional Representative for Ohio 2009-2016; the Alliance for Jewish Theatre; and ICWP. She is Founding Artistic Director of Interplay Jewish Theatre, a company that produces staged readings and presented works on Jewish themes.  She has also adapted her play U.S. v. Howard Mechanic into the screenplay Howard Mechanic, both adapted from his autobiography “The Fugitive Candidate, a memoir by the last prisoner of the Vietnam War.” For the screenplay, she won an OHIO ARTS COUNCIL INDIVIDUAL EXCELLENCE AWARD FOR FY 2020.

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Faye’s Plays/Projects in 2023:
Fall:  Release of documentary film “A Death in the City: In the Wake of Segregation” (adapted from stage play, A Death in the City), Dir. Marquette Williams; featured in Cleveland Urban Documentary Film Festival (September); and Chagrin Documentary Film Festival (October)
August 16 & 20, “Chatting with a Bot” and “Bots Just Wanna”, Maltz Museum, Cleveland.
June 16-18, THE INTERVIEW, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Dayton, OH, Dir. Brian Sharp.


Faye’s Plays/Projects in 2022:

February, Release of OUT OF THE PAST: THE STORIES OF MARTHA WOLFENSTEIN; co-producer and Director, available through Radio on the Lake Theatre
March 1-6, THE INTERVIEW, Sarasota Jewish Theatre, Dir. Carole Kleinberg
April 4, WHAT WAS THE QUESTION, monologue performed for Some1Speaking, Dir. Suze Allen
July:  Filming A DEATH IN THE CITY, by Faye Sholiton
August:  Publication (In  “Scenes for a Diverse World, Vol. 3 “(International Centre for Women Playwrights), scene from ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B9OVFXW8
September 18, THE INTERVIEW, Congregation Beth Jacob, Dayton, OH, Dir. Brian Sharp
December, A DEATH IN THE CITY, Featured in the film “A Death in the City: In the Wake of Segregation,” Dir. Marquette Williams (post-production, due out in 2023)


Faye’s Plays/Projects in 2021

March 1: “The Family Zoom,” at Some1Speaking, NYC

March 7:  “The Family Zoom,” at Dobama Theatre, Cleveland, featuring Dorothy Silver, Dir. Cathy Albers

March-April: “Inside the Play,” with Cleveland Jewish Federation, Moderator

Spring/Ongoing:  FAMILY MARKERS,  a radio play produced by Radio on the Lake Theatre and Playwrights’ Local, Dir. Fred Sternfeld

September: Recording Three Short Stories by Martha Wolfenstein, with Radio on the Lake Theatre, Director

Faye’s Plays in 2020:

Publication: “Symptoms of Psychological Problems among Children of Holocaust Survivors: Faye Sholiton’s THE INTERVIEW,” by Gene A. Plunka, in Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies, Vol. 7, Number 1, Spring 2018, pp. 1-22. University of Nebraska Press. https://muse.jhu.edu/article/745744

Ongoing:  Shopping screenplay HOWARD MECHANIC, the story of the last fugitive of the Vietnam War.

January 24-Feb. 2, SAVING THE HEWLETTS, First Run Theatre’s Spectrum 2020 Festival, St. Louis, MO, Dir. Darrious Varner

February 7 & 8, TIME SHARED, Yellow Springs Theater Co, at First Presbyterian Church, Xenia, OH

February 2020, THE INTERVIEW, B’Nai Torah Congregation, Boca Raton, FL, Dir. Shari Upbin

February 28, 29 & -March 6-8 2020, THE INTERVIEW, Actors Theatre of Fairborn (OH), Dir., Brian Sharp

May 2020, V-E DAY, Interplay Jewish Theatre  -CANCELLED

Faye’s Plays in 2019:

June, HEAL THYSELF, Stray Kats Theatre Co., Newtown, CT

September, THE GUIDE’S GUIDE TO LAWNFIELD, Caesar’s Ford Theatre, Xenia, OH, Dir. Dan McCormack

Shopping screenplay: FREE HOWARD MECHANIC

Faye’s Plays in 2018:

February 18, A BALM IN BEVERLY HILLS, The Jewish Women’s Theatre, at Temple Beth Israel, Fresno, CA, 1 p.m.

February, THE INTERVIEW, featured in Holocaust Theatre: Dramatizing Survivor Trauma and Its Effects on the Second Generation, by Gene A. Plunka, published by Routledge (London, New York)

April 23, 24, & 25 in staged reading, THE INTERVIEW, Interplay Jewish Theatre, at Dobama Theatre, starring Dorothy Silver, Laura Perrotta, Jacqi Loewy and Ryan Vincent

May 2018,  A BALM IN BEVERLY HILLS podcast, The Jewish Women’s Theatre, L.A. http://www.jewishwomenstheatre.org/stay-connected/podcast/

May 2018, CLEVELAND SCHMOOZE podcast    https://www.stitcher.com/s?eid=54544821&refid=asa

FREE HOWARD MECHANIC, screenplay adapted from Fugitive Candidate, A Memoir by Howard Mechanic, The Last Prisoner of the Vietnam War.

August 28, in staged reading, LOVE IN PIECES, three one-acts, for Women of Fairmount Temple, Cleveland, OH

November 2-18, world premiere production: ABOVE AND BEYOND, Playwrights Local, directed by Craig Joseph

Faye’s Plays in 2017:

May 5-7, and May 11-13, FUNNY VALENTINE, Stray Kats Theatre Co, Newtown and Hamden, CT., directed by Kate Katcher

October 11-14, THE GUIDE’S GUIDE TO LAWNFIELD, Lakeland Community College, directed by Martin Friedman

November 7, A DEATH IN THE CITY, Dobama Theatre, directed by Jeffery Allen

December 6, HEAL THYSELF, Interplay Jewish Theatre with the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

Faye’s Plays in 2016:

  • April 16-17, MESSAGE FROM PATAGONIA, in INK Fest, 2Cents Theatre Company, Hollywood, CA, directed by Laura Stribling. Performances: Sat., 4/16 at 3 p.m.; and Sun., 4/17 at 4:30 p.m.
  • June 16-18, BECOMING JUSTIN, Dobama Theatre Directed by Fred Sternfeld
  • September 17-18, U.S. v. HOWARD MECHANIC, (reading)  Interplay Jewish Theatre. Directed by Fred Sternfeld.
  • October 8, A BALM IN BEVERLY HILLS, Jewish Women’s Theatre, Los Angeles.
  • October 13, BECOMING JUSTIN, Warner Theatre, Torrington, CT. Warner International One-Act Festival.
  • October 26, A BRIEF HISTORY OF MAH JONGG (reading), University Farm Circle, Davis, CA
  • October 30, 7 p.m., THE BATTLE OF CHICAMAUGA and THE GUIDE’S GUIDE TO LAWNFIELD, (reading) Dobama Theatre, Directed by Martin Friedman.

Faye’s Plays in 2015

  • April 18 & 19, A BRIEF HISTORY OF MAH JONGG, in InkFest 2015
    2Cents Theatre Company at Hudson Theatre, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA
    Performances 4/18 at 6:30 p.m.; 4/19 at 3:30 p.m. www.plays411.com/inkfest2015
  • MESSAGE FROM PATAGONIA (reading), Monday, May 4, 7 p.m., Dobama Theatre. Part of Playwrights’ Gym showcase. www.dobama.org
  • V-E DAY (reading) Friday, May 8, 7 p.m.,Readers Theatre Plus, Sequim, WA, celebrating the 70th anniversary of V-E Day. www.readerstheatreplus.com. Pat Owens, Dir.
  • TALKING POINTS (reading), Monday, Sept. 21, 7 p.m., Dobama Theatre. Jacqi Loewy, Dir. www.dobama.org
  • FAMILY MARKERS, Warner International Playwrights Festival, Torrington, CT, October 16, 8 p.m., directed by John Ozerhoski. www.warnertheatre.org/october.html
  • THE CENTENNIAL PLAYS,  a celebration of the Cleveland Play House 100th anniversary, co-writer with Playwrights’ Unit, October 24, at 12:15 and 4:15 p.m., at CPH.
  • Publication: A BRIEF HISTORY OF MAH JONGG, ArtAge Publications, Senior Theatre Resource Center
  • New Play Commission:  THE GUIDE’S GUIDE TO LAWNFIELD, by the Friends of James A. Garfield National Historic Site